Professional Packages


Today’s executives, managers and professionals require every advantage to secure highly competitive offers. There are major performance deficiencies in un-coached clients and many times they don’t understand why they continue to fail.


We have segmented successful search into four sections:

Branding tools – Image is everything, from your résumé, cover letter, social media presence, voicemail, signature line, matrix and portfolio. We also stage environments for Zoom and Skype interviews.

Search – Successful job hunting is difficult. Millions of candidates actually become depressed because they sit behind computers sending résumés into outer space with no results. If you aren’t getting into the companies you desire; if you don’t know how to talk to hiring managers and human resource professionals and you merely point and click on, you need a Career Coach!

Presentation – Presentation strategies go far beyond interview coaching and we cover them all. Many highly esteemed and experienced candidates under-perform in interviews, and we know that many are disqualified in the first five minutes. If an
employer examines your branding tools, then takes the time discuss an opportunity but ultimately doesn’t extend an offer, something went wrong. We fix presentation mistakes, sometimes quite easily.

Closing / Compensation Negotiation – Getting interviews and feeling you crushed it? Then disappointed with no offers? Perhaps you don’t know how to close. Getting the offer requires much more than strong answers to questions. The reactive candidate feels good then nothing. The proactive candidate knows how to turn strong presentations into offers. We teach you! We also coach to negotiate the strongest offer.