Buckeye Resumes prides itself as “every person’s” resume service. While highly qualified and experienced with the executive market our service reaches out to job seekers not traditionally accommodated by job search firms.

We are one of the only practitioners specializing in entry-level trainees, administrative personnel, construction/trades, hourly’s, call center support employees, food service workers and others who previously were unaware of the need for such a service until the market became so competitive.

We are affordable and offer quick turnaround without compromising product quality. We encourage clients (we say “customers”) to come to our offices. However we can also work with job seekers online and by phone.

Like our customers, we work all shifts and weekends. We have numerous resources that go beyond resume/cover letter preparation. We do everything we can to assist our customers meet their goals.

Q: What advantage does Buckeye Resumes offer its clients over the many other resume/career firms?

Our knowledge / experience of the employment market is difficult to equal.

With a strong corporate recruiting foundation and over 3 decades in the career management industry, we are well prepared to safely co-pilot with you toward your career goals in the most challenging economic climate. We have successfully coached candidates through five Presidential administrations!

Q: To what does Buckeye Resumes attribute its record of success for nearly three decades?

Every client, without exception, works with our Executive Director. The human factor is equally as important as qualifications and goals. If you’re not quite ready for that career objective, we will tell you! Based on our expertise we may have alternatives, unbeknownst to the savviest candidate. Today we are accommodating senior managers that first came to us as new college grads. We are employment experts with answers!

Make Sure You Know the Pros and Cons Before You Decide!

Some think that a resume is a chronological listing of everything they’ve done in their life career-wise. But that’s not what it’s all about. It is not a list of all your tasks, job by job or a proper balance of all your skills and experience.

What Your Resume Must Be:

  • A highly crafted literal work of art which portrays you at your best.
  • An achievement-oriented and targeted self-promotional or sales tool, which markets you as a valuable commodity.
  • Effectively focuses on your accomplishments that are most closely related to your goal.
  • Shows recruiters how you are an asset to their clients.
  • A compelling document where every word is weighed!
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